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Location:New York, United States of America
So, yeah.

I'm a poor high school senior college freshman sophomore who's rather lucky to have as much anime and manga as she does. Since I have a mother and uncle in the scene, it's very convenient.

My fandoms have originated in Korea from Japan: Vocaloid, Hetalia, Bleach...although there are some other things I want to get into. Most of the times, I'm shipping yaoi pairings, but I'm extremely open to many pairings as long as there is some substantial background (More than just saying "hi" in episode two).

The story to be featured on here is Halcyon Days No More, a sequel to my Bleach Songfic Series. I need to finish a couple more chapters and create an icon before I start posting. Hopefully, that will start before the end of January.Halcyon Days No More will now be featured in its special community: [info]hd_no_more.

I just want people to know: I read a lot of things, but I don't always comment. I don't know. Sometimes somethings already been said and I don't like emphasizing a point. So, if I say that I read something, but I don't leave a comment or critique, don't take that as I hated it: I probably liked it. :)
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